Impala Sofa

Socialization in the workspace increases productivity. To make the much-needed breaks a quality time depends on your choice of seating. Impala’s bold form and lively colours allow for a positive kind of energy during breaks or waiting periods in reception areas and waiting rooms. From the manager’s office to reception, the office’s recreation area to any other space, Impala has an adaptable vibe that always abides to utterly welcoming tones. Its contemporary design makes Impala very popular and its models are preferred for larger social spaces. 

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Compatibility with PAH Criteria

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which come into existence as a result of the fossil fuels as petrol and petroleum products not to be totally burned are the potential carcinogenics that cause and develop tumors in living beings and cause natural world to be contaminated. 

Burosit carries on works against Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) which have carcinogenic effects and affect biological balance in a negative way.  Once in a year, it tests each item that is produced and the raw materials that are used according to 2. category of PAH criteria and certifies the compatibility.  


Test Laboratories

Burosit Test Laboratories have the equipment to control all the requirements that include the EN 527 standards of the office desks and EN 1335 standards of the office chairs. 

Eligibility check for the quality standards of the items and mechanisms belonging to the products in mass production, product samples and newly developed product prototypes is done via 42 various test methods by 8 different test machines existing in Burosit Test Laboratories.


Nature Friendly

Burosit believes that productive usage of the sources is one of the basic principles for development and minimizes any kind of waste of the source which can either emanate directly or indirectly. 

Burosit that periodically carries out CO2 emmission measurement and has plans on improvement activities related to this subject eliminates the wastes whether recycling is possible or not by licensed recycyling facilities.  That minimizes the effects of the wastes to the environment.

In Burosit, there is no water usage for industrial purpose.  


Customer Satisfaction

Burosit is structured on ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaint Management System that is set in order to handle the faults and share consequences instead of concealing. 

Burosit listens pleasures and complaints answering the questions of the customers with “444 16 06 Burosit Customer Satisfaction Service” and tracks customer complaints by evaluating them carefully, fairly and objectively.

Burosit constantly evaluates and organizes the feedback of the customers in order to provide proactive improvement to the products and services. 


BürositDESIGNER : Hasan Mahir Şiranlı

He was born in 1981 in İstanbul. He had been involved in manufacturing and design activities since his young ages. In 2004, he graduated from Yeditepe University with a bachelor of fine arts in department of industrial design. He runs on his activites on the subject of the endustrial design.



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