Product Development


Ideation, customer demand, everyday work at Bürosit R&D Center and the results of market research conducted by the marketing department all inform new products we develop.

Product development starts with the ideation process, which can be very exciting and at times frustrating. Ideation process culminated with 2-D and 3-D drawings of the product. Then, on the basis of these initial designs, photorealistic renders are prepared. Next, we analyze costs and submit the product design along with the cost analysis to marketing, production and quality assurance departments. If all the departments give approval, we make the prototype. We choose the materials in accordance with the customer profile the marketing department provides, the quality standards we conform to, and ergonomic performance. We test and confirm the suitability of the piece’s parts to mass production during the prototype production phase and make necessary modifications. Bürosit Quality Assurance Department confirms the durability, ergonomics and balance of the prototype at Bürosit Test Laboratory. The next step is applying the same rigorous tests on the first mass production samples. When samples are approved for durability, ergonomics and balance, Bürosit R&D Center applies for the patent or useful model application and mass production begins.




The product designs, ergonomics and other technical solutions are protected under Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights law. Bürosit has two patents issued by Turkish Patent Institute. Besides, Bürosit has seven Useful Model registrations in Europe, and 11 useful model registrations in Turkey. We registered 20 designs with Turkish Patent Institute and two designs registered with European Patent Office. Moreover, we currently have multiple ongoing patent, useful model and design registrations in process.

The anti-panic function of Diamond and Rubyconference and cinema chairs has internationally valid patents. The anti-panic function developed by Bürosit R&D Center folds the conference chairs completely and increases the distance between rows of chairs and makes possible the swift evacuation of conference and cinema halls in case of emergency.

The anti-panic writing pad used in Diamond and Ruby conference and cinema halls have been patented by Turkish Patent Office and European Patent Office (registered for seven European countries).





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