Production Technology

Bürosit’s Bursa plant consists of three factories – Bürosit Office Chair Factory, Bürosit Sofa Factory and Bürosit Wood Furniture Factory –covering over 27.000 m2 in Bursa’s DOSAB industrial zone.

With the adoption of Lean Production in 2006 we developed our office chair, sofa and wooden furniture assembly lines by introducing cutting edge technological advancements. In Lean Production approach, everything the client does not want to pay for is seen as waste. Lean Production, approach first developed by Toyoto, is based on the systematic elimination of waste.

With the adaptation of cell model in Bürosit’s assembly lines, we managed to cut waste by making each cell responsible for the production of each item from the beginning to the end. In the last eight years, we have reduced the 58 meters of product movement to 8 meters. The most important advantage of Lean Production is stingy use of world’s limited resources. Since the adoption of Lean Production in Bürosit plants, productivity increased by 12%. Moreover, we achieved 32% gain in production space, diversification of worker skills, reducing half-produced stock and swifter resolution of problems.

With C-GEX Automatic Upholstery Machines, we made upholstering easier and more problem-free for our operators, in addition to reducing waste of fabric. Most importantly, we increased the quality of our products; the chairs upholstered by C-GEX can be used without textile deformation for much longer than manually upholstered chairs. Especially, the risk of loss of adhesiveness in the adhesive that seals the fabric over the foam in hot climes is reduced. Besides, there is the added benefit of the constancy of product quality independent of the operator.

We reduced fabric waste with the Laser CNC Cutting Machine by 20-25%. While the machine increases end product quality, it reduces the risk of accidents.

Semi-matt nickel-plating that increases corrosion resistance by 40-45%. The increase in quality reflects in customer satisfaction. We have never received a complaint about corrosion, although our standard guarantee only covers 3 years.

Bürosit thrives under the aegis of Ermetal Group, which our company belongs to. Bürosit’s plastic parts are produced in Plasmot Plastic Factory by injection into the molds prodauced by Erkalıp Mold Factory—both factories are sister companies in Ermetal Group.

Bürosit Wooden Furniture Factory takes unworked wood and delivers finished end products. We use CNC cutting and perforation machines. We also use clone carvers when producing wooden profiles. For durability, we prefer hardwoods, beech specifically, as the raw material of our wooden profiles.

We don’t see our relationship with our suppliers as a basic transaction, but as a long-term business partnership. With the Bürosit Supplier Industry Development Program, we help our suppliers improve their quality standards, their workplace, adopt sustainability principles and

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