Corporate Culture


Bürosit corporate culture is based on our founder Fahrettin Gülener's
principle of zero tolerance for ethical compromises in business conduct.
We are proud to belong to Ermetal Group, which is listed in Turkey's
Top 500 industry companies index, because we conduct our business
in accordance with the following principles:

Mission Statement

To create an office and places beyond the customer expectations,
by serving ergonomic solutions compatible with technology,
to contribute to life quality with reliable brand.

Our Vision

Being in the top 50 companies in Europe in the office furniture
industry based on turnover in 2025 by
accepting the whole world as a target market.

Our Values;

Ethical Conduct, Reliability, Providing Value To Customers, Solution and Result Oriented Approach Innovation, Valuing Our Employees, Giving Back To Society

Ethical Conduct

To conduct business without compromising ethics is a necessity
for a dignified life and a total must for our company.
We strive to win while conducting business ethically.


Our raison d’ être is to win the trust of all our stakeholders, including
customers, employees, resellers, and the Turkish society at large.
The secret of our commercial success since 1989 has been our reliability.

Providing Value To Customers

We show the importance of each customer with the products that offer
added value. We offer value through our products; every cent you pay
provides additional value from design and functionality to ergonomics and sturdiness.

Solution and Result Oriented Approach

We admit that we make mistakes from time to time as all people and
companies also do, and we listen to you. When there’s a problem,
we focus on the solution and in getting results as quickly as possible.


We are open to innovation in every department: from the Bürosit R&D Center
and our assembly lies to the administration and marketing.
Instead of continuing to perform our roles the way we always have,
we explore how we could do our job better and differently.
We accept ‘change’ as the only constant in the right business
conduct because we have been growing by absorbing change.

Valuing Our Employees

‘Our most valuable asset is our people’ is an important principle in valuing
the input of our employees from workplace safety, career planning
and making the workplace more social. Moreover, with an average
employment term of eight years, we are committed to the long-term
stability of our employees. We put no limit to the support
and motivation we provide our employees as they strive towards
self-improvement through training and research.

Giving Back To Society

We carry the responsibility of being a leading furniture manufacturer and
employer in Turkey with exemplar corporate responsibility projects in
sustainability and social consciousness.

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