Sustainability And Corporate Responsibility




Bürosit is accredited with the ISO 14.001 Environment Management Standard. Furthermore, we continue environmental improvements as part of our EFQM Committed to Excellence program. We reduced the consumption of materials and energy by 12% since we adopted Lean Production in 2006. All the products we use are wholly recyclable except for the water-based foam. 

In 2014, we saved 901 trees, 2.042 tons of water and 213.426 kWh energy by recycling 52.971 kilograms of paper; 294.000 kWh energy by recycling 5.176 kilogram plastic; and prevented the pollution of 50.000 m3 water by recycling 50 kg waste machine oil. Additionally, we recycled 1405 kg glass in 2014. 

Also in 2015, we saved 913 trees, 2.070 tons of water and 216.331 kWh energy by recycling 53.692 kilograms of paper; 69.343 kWh energy by recycling 5.781 kilogram plastic; Additionally, we recycled 2607 kg glass in 2015. 



We conduct our business in accordance with environmental, social and economic sustainability principles. 






Because we believe that Turkish society deserves the best of everything, we identify and implement corporate responsibility projects that will contribute to the social welfare of our society. 

As societies can only develop with solid education, we furnish and refurbish schools. We thus improve the physical environment in schools that instruct students from diverse social groups, which has a great impact not only in the transmission of knowledge in a classroom setting, but also in the creation of happy social atmospheres conducive to learning. 

Moreover, we contributed to extracurricular activities within an academic setting by refurbishing the chambers of Istanbul Technical University’s Electronics Engineering Club. 


We care about keeping our employee turnover low. We show appreciation to our employers with an average eight-year-long employment term and by providing training programs.

We contribute to the local economy with Bürosit Supplier Industry Development Program. We offer know-how assistance to our suppliers in their accreditation processes and in technology and method adaptation, such as Lean Production.   

As a value added brand from Turkey, we export our products to 35 countries in four continents. We export 35% of our production with our reseller network within 11 countries outside Turkey. We play an active role in the professional organizations to which we belong such as Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, OMSIAD, DOSAB, Istanbul Exporters’ Association, KALDER, KOSGEB and TOBB. As a member of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), we continue to evaluate and improve our own performance.

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